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Haynie / Britton Award

The Haynie/Britton Award was inaugurated in 2013 by Stephen Holston Chapter member Dr. Alan DeCarlo.  The Award was created by Dr. DeCarlo to recognize significant contributions made by youth involved in the service to activities sponsored by the Stephen Holston Chapter of the Tennessee SAR.  
The award is named for William Haynie, born in 1753 in Virginia and Elizabeth Britton Jenckins (1741-1806) became a recognized heroine of the Revolutionary War by aquiring the distinction of "Widow Jenkins" after she warded off the British at her home in Bishopville, South Carolina during the American Revolution.

Requirements to enter for the Haynie/Britton Award are:
1. A cash prize to be awarded at the annual George Washington Dinner for any person who has demonstrated "Exemplary Voluntary Service" to any or all of our Chapter's various public events.

2. The award would be open to anyone between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age who engages in such activities over the preceding year as determined solely by a vote of the Chapter's Executive Committee.

3.  This prize, hereto be known as "The Haynie Award" would be available for the next five years (2013-2018), but would forfeit in any particular year if no such individual satisfies the simple proposed requirement.

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