Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)

ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program

The SAR Bronze JROTC Medal Program

This program was created to foster the principles of the “citizen soldier” exemplified by the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War. In coordination with area high schools, the Stephen Holston Chapter presents the SAR Bronze JROTC Medal set to an outstanding cadet at each supported JROTC unit’s annual awards ceremony. This award is presented to a deserving cadet chosen by the unit’s Senior Military Instructor. The award includes a bronze JROTC medal with drape, ribbon, certificate, and presentation folder.



Cadets are selected for routinely displaying a high degree of merit with respect to their leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence. The following criteria should be considered in the selection process:



The Stephen Holston Chapter currently awards the Bronze JROTC Medal to cadets enrolled at sixteen (16) area high school JROTC programs.



The SAR Silver ROTC Medal Program

The SAR Silver ROTC Medal set is presented to student cadets enrolled in supported area College or University ROTC programs. This award endeavors to foster the principles of the “citizen soldier” exemplified by the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War. The medal presentation is authorized and approved for cadet wear on their uniform by the military services. In cases where a school has more than one ROTC unit, each unit is counted separately for award presentations.

Recipients are selected by the unit’s Senior Officer/Professor of Military Science who has full latitude in making the selection. However, no recipient may receive this award more than once.



The Stephen Holston Chapter currently awards the Silver ROTC Medal set to selected cadets enrolled in the Army and the Air Force ROTC programs at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.



The Sea Cadet Corps Program

The U.S. Navy’s Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) is not eligible to receive the SAR JROTC Bronze Medal. However, the Stephen Holston chapter supports area Sea Cadet programs by annually recognizing their outstanding NSCC cadet with the SAR Sea Cadet Medal set. This set consists of the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, Sea Cadet Ribbon Bar and certificate in a SAR presentation folder. 




In addition to supporting the NSCC program, the Stephen Holsten Chapter also supports two area Young Marines Units and four Civil Air Patrol Squadrons. 



For any questions concerning any of these programs, please feel to contact the Stephen Holston Chapter JROTC/ROTC POC:

Rick Prescott, LTC, Army (Retired)

(865) 401-4081








The SAR Outstanding JROTC Cadet Program




The SAR JROTC Enhanced Program

Since 1997, the SAR has selected high school JROTC students as “Outstanding Cadets” in their chapters, states, and the nation. Each Tennessee SAR Chapter may select one “Outstanding JROTC Cadet” from submissions by their supported area JROTC programs and enter that cadet into the State Society’s annual JROTC Cadet Enhanced Program competition. The winners from each State competition are then entered into the National competition with the winner receiving his/her award at the SAR’s annual National Congress.


Prizes and Awards

Chapter Award: Bronze Medallion set with neck ribbon

Tennessee Society Award: $1,500 and State Medallion set with neck ribbon

National Winners: 1st - $5,000, 2nd - $2,000, 3rd - $1,000, 4th & 5th - $500 each


The JROTC Enhanced Program – Chapter Level

This program is conducted in conjunction with the Bronze JROTC Medal Program described above, but is a separate award requiring additional cadet initiative and effort in order to participate. Each supported JROTC unit should encourage all their cadets to participate internally, but the cadre may only submit one outstanding cadet nomination packet to their supporting SAR Chapter per school year.

The nomination packet requires the following:

·        The Senior Military Instructor (SMI) completes the nomination form for the selected cadet or midshipman from their unit; find the nomination form at  If any problems are encountered with the website form download, contact the Stephen Holston JROTC Program POC listed below.

·        An original essay of 500-700 words written by the cadet. The essay topic is “How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States”.

·        A written recommendation by the school’s Senior JROTC Instructor with comments about the cadet’s leadership potential.

·        A written recommendation by the school’s Principal, with verification of the applicant’s GPA.

·        Deadline: Application packets must be received NLT February 1st.

If the JROTC SMI plans to nominate a cadet for this award, we ask that they notify our chapter POC by 31 December. This advance notification assists us in our planning. The cadet’s name is not required at this time; simply a confirmation that the SMI intends to submit an Outstanding Cadet program nominee from their unit. Additional nomination instructions can be found on the NSSAR website:

Feel free to contact the Stephen Holston Chapter JROTC POC with any questions:

Rick Prescott, LTC, Army (Retired)

(865) 401-4081


The JROTC Enhanced Program – Tennessee State and National Levels

Each SAR Chapter will select one Outstanding Cadet winner from their area submissions and forward that nomination packet to compete in the Tennessee state competition. From those submissions, the winning Tennessee cadet will be hosted at our annual state conference and presented a $1,500.00 cash award and the State Society’s Outstanding Cadet medal set; a bronze medal on a silver wreath medallion, neck ribbon, framed bar with a silver star, and certificate. Our state’s winning cadet is then entered into the National Society’s competition where the overall winner receives a cash award of $5,000.00 at the National Congress held annually in July.